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Heliconia H Group

To be the “Culinary Hub” that focuses on the highest level of creativity and quality.

Create sustainable growth for our businesses by building on creativity and quality.

  1. Continue to develop and seek out new licensed content (TV Programs).
  2. Develop content and formatted TV programs to support multiple platforms such as online.
  3. Expand to new businesses from TV Programs such as cooking classes, 7-11 ready-to-eat meals, licensed merchandises and others.
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Have a good dream Co.,Ltd
Have a Good Dream Co., Ltd is a leading TV production house established on 26 January 2006 that debut with The Trainer television program, a widely popular original reality talent show in Thailand that went on to multiple seasons. The success led to many more highly rated productions including LG Entertainer, X’Lie, The Acting Queen, The Gentle Boy, The One, Killer Karaoke Thailand, Cash Cab Thailand, and many others.

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IRON CHEF H Group Co.,Ltd
IRON CHEF H Group Co., Ltd operates a food business that originated from the highly successful Iron Chef Thailand TV program, and gradually expanded to cover the Iron Chef Table and Iron Chef Café restaurants which featured all the best Iron Chef menus, as well as ready-to-eat chilled and frozen food products available in convenience stores such as 7-11.

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Have a good bite Co.,Ltd
Have A Good Bite Co., Ltd produces and sells licensed popular merchandises and new businesses under the brand MasterChef such as cook books, aprons, tote bags, cooking class, events and others.

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MasterChef Thailand Season 2 เริ่ม 4 กุมภาพันธ์นี้ ทางช่อง 7 กด 35

หม่อมป้าชวนดู MasterChef Thailand Season 2

เชฟกระทะเหล็ก เสาร์นี้ เปิดศึก 2 พี่น้องแห่งสถาบัน เชฟเต้นและเชฟไก่ 11.45 น. ห้ามพลาด!!

นุ๊กนิ๊ก VS เตเต้ &ปันปัน ใน WORLD WAR STAR THAILAND

เปิดม่านลูกทุ่งมหานคร รอบชิงชนะเลิศ

Killer Karaoke Thailand "CELEBRITY PARTY" - เป๊ก ผลิตโชค "กล่องหรรษา"

THE CHOICE THAILAND เลือกได้ให้เดต คำถามสุดตื่นเต้น



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